How To Make Butter (and Buttermilk)

29 Feb 2016

Oh butter you're great
worthy of a haiku too
couldn't resist oops

Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Anyway, I do love me some quality butter. I have often joked with my husband that he is very lucky that we don't live in the UK where I could have unlimited access to clotted cream (and subsequently would weigh 400lbs), which to me is like butter's prettier, more sophisticated cousin.

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Butter is actually super easy to make and tastes so much better when made from scratch (as most things do). I also enjoy getting back to the basics whenever I can and it is well worth the 10 or so minutes required to whip some up. The bonus to making butter is that you also make buttermilk, which always seems like the perfect excuse to make some homemade biscuits too, but let's not get carried away.

How To Make Butter (and Buttermilk)

Homemade butter and buttermilk

How To Make Butter (and Buttermilk)

Prep time: - Cook time: - Total time:
Yield: 4 cups butter, 4 cups buttermilkS


- Mixer or Blender
- half gallon of heavy cream (best if very fresh/straight from the farm)
- cheesecloth/thin towel or strainer


1.) Pour cream into blender and cover bowl with Saran Wrap because cream will splash
2.) Let agitate on high for 10 -12 minutes or until butter and buttermilk separate.
3.) Strain milk from butter.
4.) Place butter in towel or cheese cloth and squeeze to get out remaining buttermilk. You could also use a strainer and squeeze excess buttermilk out with a spoon or spatula.
5.) (Optional) Tie towel with butter to faucet and let it drip excess milk.



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