Lumberjack Party

6 Jan 2017

I am in league with probably every other parent here, when I say, I can't believe my baby is 1! How did that happen, where did the time go?! This year has been a swell of emotion. I have found a whole new type of love in parenting; it is instinctual, giddy and unwavering. I feel so fortunate to get to be a mama and while I never want to wish away a moment, I get so excited about all that we get to show Hen in this life.

Now for the party, we went a bit kitschy and put together a lumberjack bash, this was such a fun theme! I will probably not do anything big again until he knows what's going on and can choose his own type of party. A year milestone could not go by though without a celebration and luckily many of our nearest and dearest family and friends were able to attend in the midst of the holidays. Here are the few pictures I managed to collect in the craziness:


Frito Pie
-Shredded Cheese
-Green Onions
-Sour Cream

Crescent Wrapped Hot Dogs

Stuffed Mushrooms

Mac & Cheese

Hot Cocoa Bar
-Homemade Marshmallows (Chocolate, Mint, Vanilla)
-Mini Marshmallows
-Butterscotch and Mint Chips
-Whipped Cream
-Caramel Syrup

Stump Smash Cake
S'more Cupcakes
*Except use a recipe for boiled icing and not the 7-minute frosting - it weeps and doesn't hold up.*

Create your own trail mix bar
-Chocolate Chips
-Puppy Chow
-Dried Fruit

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