Sipping Caramel

12 Oct 2014

Watching Unique Sweets has made me do a really bad thing this time; sipping caramel. They featured some amazing treats that Craftsman and Wolves creates in San Francisco and one of those is sipping caramel. It is like hot chocolate, except caramel; genius I say.

This recipe was hard to get right (3-4 attempts) and left me with a few awesome burns (just a flesh wound), but it was so worth it. It is in theory pretty simple, because you are essentially making caramel the real way, by melting sugar. I can't wait until I visit San Fran again so that I can check-out Craftsman and Wolves to do a comparison, as well as check out some of their other items, they look amazing!

In this recipe there are some key places that things can go awry, so I will try and detail what I did and situations to be cautious of:

Overall Process:

Sipping Caramel

Recipe for Sipping Caramel

Sipping Caramel

Prep time: - Cook time: - Total time:
Yield: 4-6S


- 1 cup of cream (warmed)
- 1/4 cup of apple cider (warmed)
- 2 cups of sugar
- 2 T of butter
- 3 cups of skim milk
- dash salt

Heat 1 cup of cream on stove on low, should be warm, but not boiling.

Turn off burner for cream and begin heating 2 cups of sugar in a large stock pot.

Make sure you spread out the sugar evenly.

Turn on medium high and whisk constantly once you see the sugar begin to melt.

(Next is where it gets dangerous, so wear an oven mit on your stirring hand.)

As all the sugar is melted, turn down the heat to the lowest setting and then after a few minutes VERY slowly, while stirring constantly, add the warm apple cider.

As a former barista, I learned the hard way that adding any type of fruit juice or fruit syrup to milk will curdle it instantly, so both the cider and cream should be warm.

Once the heavy boiling has subsided and the cider is mixed in, do the same with a little bit of warm cream.

Be sure you are whisking constantly and again, once the heavy boiling has subsided, throw in the 2 T of butter.

You can continue to slowly add more warm cream until it is gone.

After the butter has melted and all of the warm cream has been mixed in, slowly add the 3 cups of skim milk.

It is very important to add the skim milk and apple cider so that it will not reconstitute.

The sipping caramel is very rich (shocking I am sure), so you can further dilute it with milk to suit your taste. You can store mixture after it has cooled and reheat later. Also if you are into the salted caramel thing, which I am not, you could experiment and go that route with it too or even add more warm apple cider and create a caramel apple concoction. This is also perfect for dunking donuts and beignets! Enjoy! Enjoy!



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