Sous Vide Egg Cups

16 Feb 2016

I feel like I am owning this whole meal prep thing lately; this is probably my biggest weekly challenge. I have figured out that the easiest thing for me is to simplify what I make for the daily meals and to also keep a pretty similar pattern every week.

I had been making egg cups for mostly for Henry in muffin tins, but with Starbucks recent adoption of sous vide, I got inspired to try the egg cups using this method. Normally I don't like when "my things" hit the main stream, but sous vide is awesome and I think this visibility will help propel the cooking method more into the common kitchen.

As for the results...I like the texture a lot better than the muffin tins. Sous vide gives these little egg cakes a soft, creamy texture, where the muffin tins typically produce a spongier texture. I also like that I can leave them in the jars because that is easier for the hubs and I to pack. Below is the formula that I like best and a few ideas for combinations. Happy sous vide-ing!

Sous Vide Egg Cups

Recipe for Starbucks inspired sous vide egg cups

Sous Vide Egg Cups

Prep time: - Cook time: - Total time:
Yield: 12 cupsS


12 small (4oz) mason jars with lids, sterilized

Egg Base:
- 15-16 eggs
- 3/4 cup cream or milk
- salt & pepper
*You can forgo the cream, but you will need to add at least 3 more eggs to make 12 cups.

Mix-in Ideas:
In an effort to keep this simple, the mix-ins do not have to be an exact measurement. I typically mix the combos together before putting them in the jars and keep close to a ratio of 1:1. The herbs are more of a half to one.

- Cooked bacon (1/2 - 3/4 piece of bacon per jar) & gruyere
- Finely chopped red pepper, onion and goat cheese
- Chopped ham & shredded swiss cheese
- Chopped artichoke, bacon & caramelized onion
- Finely chopped tomato, basil & mozzarella
- Truffle oil (1/4 t in each jar), spinach & gruyere
- Cooked, chopped Salmon & finely chopped dill


Heat water bath to 172F.

Fill mason jar with 1-2 T of prepared mix-ins of choice.

Beat eggs, cream, salt and pepper together in a large bowl, preferably with a pour spout.

Fill up jars with egg mixture until about the first or second thread at the top of the jar.

Twist on lid fingertip tight (don't crank on).

Drop jars in heated water bath and cook for about 60 - 90 minutes.

Remove from water bath and let cool slightly.

If you do not want to store the egg cups in the jar, they are easier to remove if still warm - slide a knife around edge and tap out upside down.

Otherwise, just put the jars in the fridge and pull out as needed.

Depending on the combo, you could serve atop other veggies like avocado or spinach. Enjoy!



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