DIY Coffee Pour Over

2 Feb 2015

This whole project started because I had visions of creating some large chemistry set-esq coffee pour over. If you're going to be pretentious about your coffee, the contraption should be fussy too, right?

When I started researching ideas for this project, I came across a few really cool smaller pour overs, but they were super expensive and I wanted to put my own spin on the concept so I decided to try creating my own. The hardest part was finding the correct parts. I was able to find what I wanted, but they are a mishmash of chemistry, plumbing and lamp parts. I also learned why they charge so much, because the funnel and some of the hardware can get a bit pricey, but still much cheaper to make if you are able.

Below is a more intricate concept to serve as inspiration as it involves lots of power tools (all of which I can now use all by myself, thanks to my hubs and this project). I also included a simple DIY version that only requires adhesive and some copper plumbing parts that you can find at Home Depot or your hardware store of choice. I did have to order the glass funnel and ring online, but they were in low quantities, so I don't know if I can recommend a specific site.

I will continue to experiment with different ideas as I receive more materials and post them to my Etsy shop. My next two are almost complete!

Also if you are wondering how to use a pour over or what it is here are some great resources:
- Intelligentsia's version for us visual people.
- The straight up facts and proportions from Kickapoocoffee on how to brew a cuppa.
- The nitty gritty details from Huffington Post on what to use and why.

Pour Over DIY Version

Selection of 1/2 inch copper or brass plumbing pipes
(Available at hardware stores like Lowe's and Home Depot in the plumbing section)
Heavy Duty Welder Adhesive
Beaker ring with screw on attachment
Funnel (there are specific pour over funnels - Hario V60 or explore kitchen and chemistry glass funnel options)

Rough Guidelines
Due to unpredictability of the stock at these stores, I won't give specific pipe sections, but I will say to use 1/2 thickness or less if you are going to use a beaker ring.
Length of base legs on the below examples are about 6 inches on each side.
Glue all your base sections together with welder adhesive and let sit for 24 hours.
Glue your post pipe last and let sit for another 24 hours.

coffee pour over

These two are currently available on the Mary's Making Etsy Shop!

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The Voltaire



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